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Our Auto Transport Load Board specializes in auto transport service across United States. From individuals to other auto shippers sponsors, we can transport cars fast and efficiently from state to state with qualified, insured and professional car carriers. DispatchRay will immediately connect you with thousands of carriers throughout our vehicle transport network.

How can DispatchRay offer a better deal than others?

We have over 10 years of experience with the best auto shippers and best auto transport companies! You can join 100% free of charge and with no monthly membership fee for shippers and/or carriers! We also offer free estimated auto shipping rates though out the United States. Our vehicle transport network system will organize your car shipment quickly and easily and our dedicated auto transport agents will give you the best deal on moving your car. Find out more by joining our “car transport” network today!

What are the advantages of our Auto Transport Load board?

By searching online for auto transport car carriers, you will always get a broker who will find the car carrier for you. The brokers are OK, and they will get the job filled, however, you will never know how much cheaper and faster you can get the car moved when working with us. DispatchRay will provide you with excellent quality and complete peace of mind with direct auto transport services throughout USA! NO Obligation, NO Deposit, NO Monthly Membership Fee! Where else can you find this incredible FREE opportunity? Maybe you don’t need to post your cars on our Auto load board. No problem because DispatchRay also provides a direct auto carriers list. You can choose the direct auto carrier’s company and get a free auto transport quote directly from them. Then select the auto transport service option and find out if they can offer you a good deal!

What should I expect when I register to your website?

When a Shipper (Dealer, Visitor, Body Shop, Rental Agency, Auction, Agent) registers to the auto transport load board, they will be able to post their vehicle on the board. Shippers have full control of their load once it is posted. They can raise the price or lower the price, update pickup and delivery locations, and even cancel the load if necessary. Once the load is posted on the load board, the auto carriers can see the load within seconds. Auto transport companies who are registered with us can secure the load instantaneously. Once the load is accepted by the transport car company, they will schedule to pickup of your vehicle on the date you provided.

Best Auto Transport Companies = Best Auto Shippers = Best Rates!

When the best car transport companies are registered to our transport board, they will be able to accept the car loads promptly from the best auto shippers who have posted their car loads. Car carriers will have some useful features on our auto transport load board system, such as posting their truck capacity and advertising on the web. Our auto load board system also offers an automated workbook feature that can help create, manage, and track invoices for all your own loads.

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