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How much does it cost to transport car from Oregon to other state?

Auto Transport Oregon - The capital of Oregon is Salem and the state is located in the Pacific Northwest region on the West coast of the United States. Total population is 4.09 million, making it the 27th most populous state in the country. Things you may not know about the state are: Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and is formed in the remains of an ancient volcano, the Columbia River forms most of the northern border between Oregon and Washington. The Snake River forms over half of the eastern boundary with Idaho, and the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area is a spectacular river canyon cutting the only sea-level route through the Cascade Mountain Range. One of the top tourist attractions of Oregon is Crater Lake National Park. With a landscape like nowhere else, Crater Lake National Park lies in the Cascade Mountains in southwestern Oregon. Intensely blue and unusually deep (1,935 feet), the lake is almost exactly circular. It is the water-filled caldera of an extinct volcano, Mount Mazama, and lava cliffs rise to heights of up to 2,000 feet around the lake. Just a short distance from the edge of the crater, Rim Drive circles the lake in a clockwise direction. It begins at Rim Village (for a total length of 33 miles), but the roadway is only accessible in warm weather months. One of 2017 best places to live in Oregon is Bethany in Portland. Bethany is a beautiful area in the suburbs of Portland. It's rapidly growing with development. New Schools are currently in the process of being built. Local mini shopping area and restaurants as well as Gulf Course are located in Bethany Village area. If you are planning to purchase a car and shipping a car to new place, people like you are always searching a the best auto transport price from Oregon for shipping their cars across the country. DispatchRay will provide you with estimated vehicle transport rates from Oregon. Moving a car, SUV, Mini Van, ATV, pickup truck, or other vehicles from Oregon
To the Northeast of: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Price = $1450 or less.
To the Southeast of: Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Price = $1550 or Less.
To the Midwest of: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Price = $800 or Less
To the South of: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Price = $1100 or Less
To the Northwest of: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Price = $500 or Less
To the Southwest of: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Price = $600 or Less