Open Auto Transport

Open transport means that your vehicle will be outdoors, probably on an open trailer, during transport and will be exposed to the elements. This is the most common and cheapest way to ship your vehicle. If you follow all the guidelines listed here, your car has less than a 5% chance of being damaged on its journey.There are several types of transport vehicles that can provide open transport auto shipping, from single car trailers to trucks capable of towing 10 or more cars.

If your car has low clearance, large aftermarket tires or modifications, you will need to consider hiring a single level car transport trailer or hotshot truck. These are flatbed trailers designed for one to three cars, and are also the preferred method for SUV’s, trucks, and modified cars. These trucks can transport autos more quickly than other solutions. Otherwise, you may choose to transport your car by tractor-trailer, which can load and transport many standard-sized cars at once

Example of open car trailers

open 7 car trailer               open 10 car traileropen car trailer