Heavy Equipment Hauling

To efficiently transport heavy equipment a unique set of skills are required. Unlike any other vehicle transport, shipping heavy equipment is accompanied by many challenges and obstacles. It requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure safe and on-time delivery. It is very important to choose a right transport company accustomed to working with the transportation of heavy equipment. USA Auto Carrier has the experience and knowledge in this specialized area of service. Hundreds of customers find the reliability and service they expect from a transport company by shipping heavy equipment with us. Our experienced heavy equipment movers know what it takes to get your heavy equipment to its final destination. We handle all required permits and all other support services needed. We ensure all provided trailers are matched for the specifics of your equipment as well as comply with the various laws for transportation. Whether it’s construction, industrial, agricultural, or mining equipment, we facilitate and handle all of your heavy equipment shipping needs.

Professional Carriers

We hire professional drivers who specialize in heavy equipment shipping. Our carriers have years of experience and know the particulars for safe and efficient delivery.

  • Dimensions of equipment
  • Weight of equipment
  • Proper trailers
  • State and county laws
  • State and county permits
  • Escort service (pilot vehicles)
  • Special routing for travel through the U.S​

Our network of heavy equipment movers work with all types of equipment. Cranes, bulldozers, tractors, boats, dump trucks, ambulances, and RV’s. Equipped with the latest heavy equipment fleets (7 axles, 10 axles, 13 axles and 19 axles) there's hardly any heavy equipment they haven't stared in the eye. They apply the most secure and effective methods for the handling of your heavy equipment. The right driver, excellent safety records and reliable equipment means your heavy equipment will reach its destination, in great condition and on time.

Example Gallery of Heavy Equipment

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