How does it work for Shippers

Dispatch Ray - For Shippers If you have a vehicle and would like to ship it anywhere in the USA! You are at the right place. It's very easy and very simple. Shippers post their vehicles on the loadboard and then Carriers search for the load to cover his trucks capacity. I do understand the concern you have for the vehicle to be picked up on time and delivered on time for the price you pay. By searching online for a carrier, you will always get a Broker instead, who will find the carrier for you. The Brokers are OK, they will do a great job, but you never know how much cheaper and faster you can get when working with us. I can't promise or guarantee that the work will be done for the offering price. How does it work? OK here is the answer. When you post a vehicle on our loadboard for the money you desire to ship, a carrier will see your vehicle after you post it. If the carrier is interested in moving your vehicle then he will go ahead and accept the post right away. But if your vehicle is posted below the average price or no trucks are in the area, you will have to wait for a carrier to accept the offer. NO Deposit, NO Monthly Members Fee! Sign Up Today and Become a Shipper!