Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car transport is the preferred method to transport classic, antique and luxury vehicles. As you might have guessed, autos are shipped in covered trailers that guard against weather and road conditions. Your car is protected against the same elements you encounter while driving, such as rain, sun, dust, debris and others.But wait! You don't have to own a high-end vehicle to ship cars enclosed. It's true that customers generally elect open car transport to ship their day to day vehicles, but in actuality enclosed auto transport is available for anyone. If you love your car as much as we love cars and you're concerned of your vehicle's safe guard while in transit, enclosed car transport is available for you.


Enclosed Auto Transport Rates


The average cost to transport vehicles enclosed is generally twice more than the open car carrier. The trailers and equipment used to protect your vehicle are top of the line the best available in the industry. When you compare the benefits of the service with the additional cost, you will find its value. For example Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA $1300 Miami, FL to Chicago, IL $1000 Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY $1600 non season rates. Prices is unstable.


Examples Gallery of Enclosed Auto Transport

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