I have had business relationships of at least five times in the past 2 and half years. He fulfilled the contracts and has done so with a couple of my friends. Ray is honest, hard working young man. He is honest and somewhat dependable. He is pleasant.
Mr. Leroy R. Fishleigh
I met Ray 5 years ago. He has been very helpful in my business transporting my cars to various locations. He has always been reliable when asked to do the task asked of him. He is very hard working, self supporting individual and a good responsible family man. I am a citizen of USA and would not want to lose Ray, a person that is so willing to contribute and help at a moment’s notice
Alex & Eliase Erodski
We have known Ray for 2 years. We have a business relationship with him. He transports our cars. He is a smart, hard working, dependable, trustworthy person. He is in the auto transporting business.
Jane L. Glynn and Dan Glynn
To whom it may concern: I have known Ray since 2010. He has done an excellent job of transporting our automobiles from Wisconsin to Florida in the fall and back to Wisconsin in the spring. He has reformed their service at a high level, and have recommended him to friends as a good person to use for this service. Ray has been very easy to keep in touch with during the process of moving, and has conveniently picked up and delivered to our place of residence. In contrast, I have talked with friends that have had great difficulty in both keeping connected and having their vehicles delivered on schedule, and deliver directly to their place of residence. I think Ray is of good character and has a very friendly personality. Based on my experience I would recommend him very highly.
Russ Geldmacher
To whom it may concern: I have been utilizing the services of Ray to transport a vehicle from my residence in Munster, Indiana to our second home in Florida. Ray has contracted the transportation service through U.S Auto Carrier and we have utilized his service on six or seven occasions over the past three or four years. Each time we have utilized Ray to transport our vehicle, he has been responsive to our requests, he has always been timely in picking up and delivering the vehicle and we have found him to be completely trustworthy as we entrust our vehicle and payment to him. I would highly recommend Ray to anyone based upon my association with him and feel that he is a credit to the industry and people that he serves.
Dean Rothschild 219-769-6616
My name is Willie Haddad. I am the pre-owned Dept. Manager at Lexus of Merrillville. I have known Ray for about 2 years. We have a business relationship. I have experienced Ray’s integrity and honesty in our business dealings. He is a car carrier (transporter) that bring us our vehicles that are purchased out of state. I have used Ray exclusively as a transporter for 2 years. The vehicles are always delivered as promised without delay or other incident. He’s very professional, courteous and takes pride in his work. If he promises that the delivery will be here within 4 days – than its here in four days – exactly as promised. Ray plays a vital part in our daily operations because we can count on him to deliver our product to us on time; which in turn allows us to deliver the product to the ultimate consumer on time. Ray seems to be a thoughtful, respectful family man. He always speaks highly of his family and puts forth great effort to make sure they are taken care of
Willie Haddad 219-769-4545
In this crazy world of people always trying to get over on another person, it is so refreshing to deal with this company. Ray is very professional, honest and takes every little concern you have and addresses it and communicates the answer to you in a very timely matter. This is the second time I've used Ray to transport our vehicles. His prices are extremely fair and my cars were picked up and delivered safely and on time. Ray was available day and night for any answers to my questions. I'm a single mom without much experience in this transporting car thing. Ray calmed my fears and even suggested ideas I never even thought of. He's a real gentleman and we now consider him our family transporter of cars!! I recommend Ray to EVERYBODY I know. It's such a relief to have someone look after your transport as though it was his own.
Ami 561-818-0999